Powder Coating = Environmental Friendly Coatings = GREEN

Everyday you here about pollution and its effect on the environment, a lot of that pollution comes from harmful solvents, and thinners that are used in the wet paint process. An example is automotive paint, because they are actually toxic. Also, metal plating such as nickel and chrome, and CAD use chemicals that are extremely toxic to the environment. If these solutions leak into the soil or find their way into the water table, the toxic effects can last for years. Powder coating is a smart and environmentally friendly alternative to toxic wet paints and electro metal plating. Powder coating is GREEN.

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process unlike solvent-based wet paint systems. With EPA regulations getting stricter, powder coating is fast becoming the coating of choice. Since the powder coating process does not use solvents in any way, VOC emission problems are eliminated.

Powder coating is just that, powder. It is non toxic, can be used on food service equipment and in hospitals. When it is cured it becomes a tough and weather resistant coating for motorcycle frames, car chassis, wheels, race car parts, outdoor equipment, or anything that needs color. The possibilities are endless.